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Heartbeat of Home debuted in the Oriental Theatre, Chicago on Tuesday 4th of March and the reviews are rolling in! Catch Up on some of whats being said in the Windy City, right here!

The Chicago Sun Times
Author: Hedy Weiss

”features an ensemble of high-flying, scissor-legged step dancers led by Clara Sexton (who springs into the air and just seems to sit there), and Bobby Hodges (a sort of motor-legged James Dean).”

”Fred Astaire would have adored this”

”Be sure to stick around for the bonus event. After the cast has taken its bows, the musicians take center stage and turn the whole theater into a dance party”

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Around the Town Chicago
Author: Alan Bresloff

“Heartbeat of Home”, a stylish two plus hours of music and dance that appeal to many ethnic groups, while staying true to the original, Irish flavor.

”While the dance is spectacular, the music , played by a live ten piece “orchestra” who are onstage for the entire show is wonderful and grabs the audience from the opening number until the very end.”

” The rooftop number, a special tap number with 8 dynamic men atop a skyscraper in what appears to be Manhattan is incredible. In fact, each and every dance number is unique.”

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Entertaining Chicago

”Powerful. Captivating. Energizing. Airy.”

”The calm and poise displayed by the dancers appeared almost inhuman as they launched their bodies around the stage in predetermined patterns of gymnast-like movement. It was enthralling to take in the spectacle.”

”This company left their hearts on that stage. They owned every moment of the show and they all appeared to love performing it”

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Chicago Land Theater Reveiws
Author: Dan Zeff

“Heartbeat of Home is a free flowing display of world dancing offered by a company of astoundingly accomplished dancers supported by a sensational on stage band and augmented by some stunning projections”

”The speed and precision of the work, especially in the synchronized mass dances, are mind blowing. David Bolger’s choreography makes incredible demands on the performer’s skills, and stamina, and there are certainly very few dancers today who could deliver the kind of technical brilliance we see at the Oriental.”

”The band not only accompanies, it rocks. ”

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Author: Tamara L. O’Shaughnessy

”Don’t be surprised if your heart takes on a new rhythm, that of the hard-pounding Irish feet of some of the best Irish dancers in the world, as you leave the high-energy new show, Heartbeat of Dance”

”So, too, they merged a jazzy, rock band on one side of the stage with the spirited Irish musicians on the other side for a combination you’ll likely never hear anywhere else”

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Chicago Stage Standard
Author: David Zak

”Here we have the variety of life today, in gorgeous song and dance, embodied in this rainbow-hued company. It is liberating and magical.”

”Everyone should be congratulated for this athletic and artistic achievement. The men – led by Bobby Hodges, Angelo Gioffre, Renako McDonald, Kieran Donovan, Curtis Angus, and Ryan McCaffrey – are all individually brilliant and collectively five-star. ”

”If you love dance – Broadway, Spanish, Irish, street – find your way to Heartbeat of Home today”

Full review here
Author: Lawrence Bommer

”This exuberant spectacle delivers dance the way a slot machine pours out coins—effortlessly, unstoppably, and very gratefully received.”

”Heartbeat is its own natural wonder.”

”Brian Byrne’s supple score–an inexhaustible, neo-New Age outpouring of Afro/Celtic/Euro pop”

Full review here

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