Heartbeat of Home soundtrack released in Canada

Heartbeat of Home soundtrack cover

We’re delighted to announce the Heartbeat of Home soundtrack has now been released in Canada by Universal Music Group.

Featuring 16 pieces from the show with the Heartbeat of Home Band and singer Lucia Evans, the album features Jessica Sanchez on lead vocals for Lead Me Home; Grammy Nominee, Multi-Platinum Singer/Songwriter Frankie J with Jessica for Waltz of the Wild Wind Sea; renowned musicians Paddy Moloney and Carlos Núñez and also the RTÉ Concert Orchestra.

The album will be available at Toronto’s Ed Mirvish Theatre before and after each show in Toronto and in all good Canadian stores. It will go on wider release soon.

The track listing is below:

# Trackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Performed by: Time


Brian Byrne / Joseph O’Connor
Brian Byrne / Paddy Moloney / Carlos Núñez 5:29
2 Farewell To the Homeplace

Brian Byrne / Joseph O’Connor
Brian Byrne / Lottie Cullen/ Lucia Evans / Alyth McCormack / RTÉ Concert Orchestra 4:35
3 Waltz of the Wild Wind Sea

Brian Byrne / Joseph O’Connor
Lucia Evans / Frankie J 3:49
4 Danza Passion

Brian Byrne
Brian Byrne / Jason McGuire / Carlos Núñez 3:55
5 Reel Roots

Brian Byrne
Heartbeat of Home Band /Brian Byrne / Andrew Synowiec 4:37
6 Baila Conmigo

Brian Byrne / Joseph O’Connor
Lucia Evans / Tiempo Libre / Ryan Quigley 4:02
7 You Haunt My Dreams

Brian Byrne / Joseph O’Connor
Aoife Ní Bhriain / Brian Byrne / Lucia Evans 1:23
8 Dreamdance

Brian Byrne
Aoife Ní Bhriain / Brian Byrne / RTÉ Concert Orchestra 4:42
9 Lead Me Home

Brian Byrne / Joseph O’Connor
Jessica Sanchez 4:39
10 Reel of Arrivals

Brian Byrne
Brian Byrne / Paddy Moloney / Carlos Núñez 4:00
11 Fiesta Mundo

Brian Byrne
Brian Byrne / Carlos Núñez 3:54
12 Taking Flight

Brian Byrne
Brian Byrne / RTÉ Concert Orchestra 6:18
13 Flamenco Fuego

Brian Byrne
Brian Byrne / RTÉ Concert Orchestra / Andrew Synowiec 2:06
14 Cuba Cuba

Brian Byrne / Joseph O’Connor
Heartbeat of Home Band /Billi Ranx 3:23
15 The Night I Danced With You

Brian Byrne / Joseph O’Connor
Jencarlos Canela / Jessica Sanchez 3:59
16 Passion and Pride

Brian Byrne
Brian Byrne / Carlos Núñez 5:51

Inside the Hearbeat of Home album

You can listen to short snippets of the album over on allmusic.com or buy it in stores including Walmart Canada here.

Hearbeat of Home

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