So Long, Farewell Australia – Gianna Petracic

One of our Australian dancers, Gianna Petracic, has updated us on what’s going on in her last week before moving to Ireland:

Hello everyone. This is my first blog entry for my new and exciting journey that I am about to embark on. As you all know recently myself and many young dancers around the world participated in an online talent search for the new show, ‘Heartbeat of Home’ from the creators of Riverdance.

I was beyond lucky to have been chosen by the judges as one of their top ten judges picks and join them for the live auditions in Dublin.

These auditions took place for a week in late May this year. During my stay in Dublin I was introduced to the Irish culture, including food, art, architecture and of course the Guinness. But most of all I was introduced to some of the most inspirational, creative and warm-hearted people from all over the globe and I learnt so much from them in such little time.

I also had the pleasure to participate in press and media calls such as interviews and public appearances. One of the highlights of the live auditions was when I was chosen to appear on the Late Late Show with my fellow auditionees, Joe Harrison from Boston, Fred Nguyen from Canada, Anjelica Scannura from Toronto and Sergey Nazarov from Moscow, Russia.

Though nothing can compete against the Irish and their fascination about both my sisters and my nationality. I must have said that I was practically a fruit salad a million times, but I loved the smiles on everyones faces when we explained our cultural background besides being Australians. So now it is official, and I will be touring with my sister, Natasia and also alongside many extremely talented people to dance in ‘Heartbeat of Home.’ Joy, speechless, excited and grateful I am for being chosen by the judges.

The first chapter of my Heartbeat of Home journey started today with a small going away gathering at my house. Now with a going away party of course there was a huge consumption of food, conversation and photographing. Thanks to my mum and dad there wouldn’t have been a gathering if it wasn’t for their hard work.

My mum knows how to throw a party…and she certainly knows how to cook (something I am going to miss dearly when I am living overseas!!!!!) The house was filled with the voices of faces that I love so dearly and cherish close to my heart. I couldn’t have had a better day.

This Friday I leave the country and head to Dublin with my fellow aussie dancers, Natasia Petracic, William Bryant and Ceili Moore. And so as I count down the days and the hours I keep looking at my suitcase and I keep asking myself, ‘…three months Gianna. What on earth are you going to pack????!!!’

You can follow Gianna’s adventures on twitter: @giannamarielle, on instagram: gianna93 and on tumblr.


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