Tom Brosnan

What age you started dancing, how long you have been dancing and for who?
I started dancing at the age of 7 and danced for Sean Eireann McMahon until the age of 12. At this time I felt that I needed a break from dancing to chase my love for football. I played football intensely until I was 17 when I closely missed out on a professional football contract with Bristol Rovers FC.
When I was 16 I went back to dancing for a year to compete in teams with my dance school. I again stopped after the year to go to Uni in Cardiff where i studied Sport and Exercise Science. In 2009, I got an email offering me a chance to join ‘The Rhythms of Ireland’ on a 6 month tour of Australia. I have toured continuously ever since.

Biggest achievement in dancing to-date?
My biggest achievement in dancing to date is definitely performing on The West End in a production called Flash Mob where I had the chance to perform alongside some of the best dancers in the world of all different styles as part of Brosena.

What you expect or feel the live auditions will be like?
I’m sure the auditions are going to be intense. I’m really nervous because all of the dancers who have been chosen are crazy good and I can’t believe i’m in this select group.

Which video and which dancer outside of the top 20 was most impressive to you?
My favourite dancer outside the top 20 was definitely Erin Trevena. Not only because she’s my partner and dance partner, she is an amazing dancer who has taught me so much.
Tom Brosnan

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