Gianna Petracic

I began dancing at the age of two and this only happened by chance. My sister, Natasia, had commenced Ballet at the age of three and the lovely Miss Donna invited me into a class one Saturday morning just so I could be near my sister. Soon after that one class it would be the beginning of my life in dance, as I know it today. Learning at The Halloran School Of Dance, I have 17 years experience in Dance, including Ballet (RAD) Contemporary/Modern Dance, Musical Theatre and Irish Dance. Even to this very day, I am still taught by the same teachers, Donna and Leanne Halloran. I have also had the privileged to study dance through different facilities such as being selected into the IJP (Inter-junior Program) at the Australian Ballet School. I trained with the school in Melbourne for 2 years during school holidays. Dance has offered me the privilege of meeting wonderful people who today I hold in high esteem, and many of whom I consider to be apart of an extended family.

Who was and is your dancing idol or inspiration?
Not only has one single person inspired me to continue and pursue my love for dancing but there have also been several. I would have to thank my dance teachers for 17 years, Donna and Leanne Halloran. Ever since I can remember, they have always been a big impact for my love of dance. It only seems like yesterday that I met these incredible women when they guided me through my first dance steps. It all started with a demonstration from first position, to second and third, fourth and fifth position. When I’ve doubted myself or was in need of help and guidance, they have been there to help me through all the sweat, tears and joys. They’ve taught me to be myself and to express myself truly through the art form of dance. I applaud them for their hard work and commitment to not only myself but to all the dancers they have had in their company amongst the years of teaching. I look up to them dearly. Other inspirations of mine include Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Nicole Kidman, Heath Ledger and Baz Luhrmann. These public figures have impacted my love for Musical Theatre, Film and Art.
Biggest achievement in dancing to date?
I would have to say that my biggest achievement to date in dancing would not only be the several Australian State and National Championships I have obtained but the people I have met and the incredible journeys around the world I have experienced. I dance because I love it and it makes me happy and healthy. Dance has also given me many opportunities to travel to many parts of the world such as North America and Europe and I am forever grateful for these experiences I have been through. I hope to continue discovering many more of these memories, as I grow older.

What you expect or feel the live auditions will be like?
When I think of the live auditions I can almost visualize everything. I can imagine all the anxious faces of dancers completely dedicated to every moment. I can see their excitement and nerves. I can almost hear the heavy breathes of everyone giving it there all. But most of all I believe its going to be an amazing experience, a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am so eager and thrilled to show the judges my talent. The Heartbeat of Home auditions are going to be challenging and I am so eager to meet the other dancers and see what they can do. I cannot wait to share this amazing experience with the other dancers selected to audition. The auditions are going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to have a great time. I’m so excited!!!

Which video and which dancer outside of the top 20 was most impressive to you?
There were so many talented dancers that entered the Heartbeat of Home online talent search and I applaud them for it. I really enjoyed the classical/flamenco-influenced dancer, Juan Carlos Sanchez. His performance displayed a strong stage presence and he presented lovely lines and intricate footwork. I was also in love with his controlled double turns. Fred Nguyen’s audition video also caught my eye. I loved his creativity and I applaud him for making it to the live auditions. Well done everyone.

Gianna Petracic

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