It’s deadline day

Dearbhla Lennon –  Talent Search Judge
Ok D Day has arrived. It’s deadline day for the Heartbeat of Home online Talent Search we said that entries would close tonight at midnight but we couldn’t choose which midnight so we’ve opted for the very last one which is midnight tonight in Hawaii. Technically that gives dancers in Ireland and England until 11am on Saturday morning to get your entries in. Now you might say ‘why bother- I’m never going to amass the amount of votes that other dancers have and that might be the case but you may have that magic that something special that might catch the judges’ eye- you might make it in to the judges’ top ten picks. The voters ten and the judges ten will be flown to Ireland at the end of May for the live auditions. So, you might not get the votes but you might get the judges’ vote so get your online auditions in before midnight tonight in Hawaii!


Hearbeat of Home

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“Exhilarating. Breathtaking. Inspiring!”
“Overflows with spirit, passion and humanity. The dance is simply staggering”
“An extraordinary show... Jaw dropping... inspiringly imaginative.”

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