Donking Rongavilla

From the moment I uploaded my video on the Heartbeat of Home talent search it has been an incredible and awesome journey. I was blown away by the support received from all my family, friends and neighbours, if only dogs and cats could vote too ha! I was overwhelmed when I realised that people were voting for me from all the corners of the world. I really appreciated the power of technology especially when it used for a good purpose.
Heartbeat of home reconnected me with my first ever street dance crew from the Philippines when I was 14. When they saw the video on the YouTube, at first they couldn’t believe that I’m still going strong with my dancing even after 19 years and they sent their full support. One of the highlights was when my teacher from secondary school wrote the first comment on my heartbeat of home video which gave me a lot of encouragement.
I began street dancing when I was 13 and now I’m 31. It has been tough at times and it’s rare to find an opportunity like the Heartbeat of Home talent search and for that I’m very grateful. Most of us who learned to dance from the streets have never had an opportunity to learn the technicality of dance because of the environment that we grew up. However, we know that this is not an excuse to separate ourselves from others who have had it. The most important thing that I learned from my life experience is to RESPECT other dancers for who they are and what they have come from.
The heartbeat of home talent search offers HOPE for all of us dancers who uploaded our videos. We have been patiently waiting and constantly training ourselves for an opportunity like this to arrive at our door or should I say on our desktop ha! WE ARE READY!
One last thing, for me the meaning of Heartbeat of Home is the moment when I first fell in love with a specific type of beat, I have never forgot that feeling and to this day it makes me want to DANCE!!!

Donking Rongavilla

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