Alasdair Spencer

‘To record my video I quickly “borrowed” the stage of a show I was touring Holland with last month, even asking the sound and lighting technicians to help me out and record me on my phone! The crew are helping me out even more by voting for me from the Netherlands! When choreographing my routine I decided to perform an acapella piece as I felt it was the best way to express the strength and power of a male Irish dancer like myself.  For me this talent search has been a completely new experience. Never before have I seen so much variety and talent come together in one place for the same reason; to express ourselves in a way we feel deeply passionate about and to be a part of a show that will take Irish dance to the next level. This talent search not only highlights the differences between our styles of dance but underlines the similarities between us all as dancers and our love of the energy we all feel when we perform. I have relentlessly posted on Facebook and tweeted on Twitter to get more votes and my dancing school, friends and family have all been busy promoting the show and my audition to their friends. My family and I have got the word out every way we can think of! We created a Facebook event and invited everyone we know from Scotland, Ireland, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to vote and share. The schools that I have been to have also been helping out; my secondary school have posted my audition on their social networks and even my old Head teacher from primary school has been voting for me from New Zealand!  We have also asked our local radio station and our local newspaper to promote the show and my audition on the air and their websites just to squeeze in those extra few votes before the deadline arrives! It’s going to be a tense few days everyone so good luck and get voting. ;)’

Photo of Alasdair doing the “Heartbeat jump”

View Alasdair’s video

Hearbeat of Home

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