Spreading the word Aussie style

“Filming my audition for Heartbeat of Home in one of the busiest places in Sydney was both exciting and challenging.
I created a lot of attention from locals and tourists because the sound of my beats kept bouncing off the sails of the Opera House and so many people asked why I was dancing on the foreshore, near the Harbour Bridge.
I was happy to explain about the show and had so many people wish me good luck. So I was actually spreading the word before I had even finished recording! The challenging part was timing my recording so that it didn’t coincide with passing ferries and other boats which were quite noisy.
At one point a security guard approached me and I thought he was going to tell me to film somewhere else, but he just wanted to say good luck too!
Once my video was uploaded, myself, my family and friends both near and far did lots of sharing on Facebook. I contacted three radio stations and they now have my link on their website home page or Facebook page and announcers remind listeners to vote. The high school that I graduated from last year gladly posted the link on their Facebook page too. I have done workshops at the school my mum teaches at so all the students and teachers there have been voting on anything they can get their hands on!
Lastly, I printed off flyers about the show and my audition and I hand delivered them to the houses in my area and there are quite a few of them! I really hope I get to participate in the live auditions so that I can show more of what I am capable of, it would be one step closer to my dream. Thank you for this great opportunity.”
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Hearbeat of Home

The First Leg of the Acclaimed Global Tour of
Heartbeat of Home has Concluded.

“Four out of Four Stars! You'll Be Blown Away! First class! Breathtaking!”
“Spellbinding... remarkable cast. A multicultural spectacle.”
“An experience that, for the the record, remains a thrill!”
“Exhilarating. Breathtaking. Inspiring!”
“Overflows with spirit, passion and humanity. The dance is simply staggering”
“An extraordinary show... Jaw dropping... inspiringly imaginative.”

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