Filming my audition video has been an inspiring experience.

Siobhán Butler
“Filming my audition video has, first and foremost, been an inspiring experience. I’m so grateful to call New York my home and having the chance to film my video in one of New York’s iconic scenes on one of the first beautiful days of spring has just fueled my passion for performance in all styles of Irish dance. For getting votes, I’ve been relying mostly on Facebook and words can’t describe how thankful I am for the many people who have taken the time to share and vote for my video. Thank you so much for this opportunity to help me grow as an artist. Having the opportunity to audition live would be just that much more life changing.”


Hearbeat of Home

The First Leg of the Acclaimed Global Tour of
Heartbeat of Home has Concluded.

“Four out of Four Stars! You'll Be Blown Away! First class! Breathtaking!”
“Spellbinding... remarkable cast. A multicultural spectacle.”
“An experience that, for the the record, remains a thrill!”
“Exhilarating. Breathtaking. Inspiring!”
“Overflows with spirit, passion and humanity. The dance is simply staggering”
“An extraordinary show... Jaw dropping... inspiringly imaginative.”

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